Stay Fit From Home - ONLINE

The “Stay Fit From Home” programme caters for at-risk individuals who will continue to self-isolate while lockdown restrictions begin to ease. Informative, low-intensity and accessible!

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  • Duration: 00:30 Hours


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Since the outbreak of coronavirus this year, many at-risk groups of people have been forced to stay at home to stay safe from infection.

Taking on a less-active lifestyle during this time can put you at an increased risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes as well as muscular atrophy and reduced bone mineral density. This causes weaker joints and reduced stability. Fortunately, you can reduce these risks by simply challenging your balance, power and flexibility on a regular basis.

These are informative, low-intensity lessons delivered via “Zoom” to help you develop a stronger relationship with your body through improved flexibility, power and co-ordination.

Every week, we will work towards a theme such as core stability, balance or postural support through a set of accessible drills and cues.

These workouts will challenge your co-ordination, develop your joint mobility and to strengthen everyday movements so you can begin to see improvements in your day-to-day life!

These lessons are perfect for over-60s who are looking to stay active from home when self-isolating

How? - Accessing “Zoom” Virtual Lessons
To join in, first download “Zoom” for free from the App Store or Google Play and make an account

Book through my website at least 1 hour before the lesson begins

I will send over an email before the lesson begins to invite you to the chat - just click the link to join the interactive lesson. (Remember to check your junk mail!)

If you don’t receive an email, contact me directly and I will add you manually

Please be ready to participate in the lesson by wearing appropriate training clothes and making enough space to safely move around.