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Hi All,

I am excited to announce that I will be resuming coaching as of the 16th of July.

I will also be debut-ing my new Patreon page where you can access all live group lessons as well as the full archives of workouts and all sorts of discounts and deals!

What’s New?
  • One-to-one Coaching (In Person and Online)
  • Group Gymnastics Lessons (Online)
  • “Stay Fit From Home” Programme (Online)
  • The Elle Ireland Coaching Patreon Page

Online lessons will run  as follows:
How? - Accessing “Zoom” Virtual Lessons
To access online lessons, all you need is a webcam and a space to practice at home!

First download “Zoom” for free from the App Store or Google Play and make an account

Book through my website at least 1 hour before the lesson begins

I will send over an email 15 minutes before the lesson begins to invite you to the chat - just click the link to join the interactive lesson. (Remember to check your junk mail!)

If you don’t receive an email, contact me directly and I will add you manually

Please be ready to participate in the lesson by wearing comfortable clothes and making enough space to safely move around.

Bespoke Training Plans and One-to-One Lessons
As of the 16th of July, I will be offering one-to-one lessons in person. These lessons will be entirely socially-distanced and contact-free and will take place outdoors.

To book a one-to-one with me (online OR in person) or to negotiate a personalised training plan, please contact me directly

Stay safe

Zoom Lesson Booking

Subscribe to my Patreon Page!

By paying a monthly subscription to my Patreon page, you will have access to live classes via Zoom, recorded workouts, weekly tips and tricks to help with your training and exclusive discounts and offers available only to patrons You will also have full access to my “Stay Fit From Home” programme included in every subscription package! This programme is designed to help at-risk, older individuals to challenge their strength, mobility and co-ordination while self-isolating. If this isn’t for you, please feel free to give access to neighbours, family members and friends to help them to keep moving and challenging their bodies during this restrictive time

About Elle

About Elle
Before I began my own circus journey, I had been practicing powerlifting, contemporary dance and yoga recreationally for several years. At the beginning of 2016, I took my first pole-dancing class which gripped me from the start. I began compiling anatomy and physiology knowledge alongside own experience to build a flexibility training program for my own use. By the end of 2016, I was employed by a small circus entertainment agency, working mostly as an aerial artist.

I started self-training in handbalancing in 2017, applying the skills and knowledge I had acquired through experience and through my studies.

In 2018, I studied yoga formally and completed my 200hr Yoga Teacher Training certificate. I have since been teaching handbalancing and flexibility classes and one-to-one lessons, alongside my own training, studies and performing. I finished studying Biomedical Science (BSc) in 2020. My degree; my background in Sport and Exercise Science and my personal experience influences much of my teaching practices today.

I am still self-training: The skills I teach are constantly adapting and improving to provide you with the most up-to-date and effective techniques to help you progress safely!

My key teaching values:
  • Safety - I believe the most important role of a coach is to help you to develop and maintain a safe practice. Much of my classes revolve around strengthening muscles and joints to ensure correct form and muscle engagement.
  • Repeatability - It is vital to me that students leave my class with new, useful training tools every week to help them towards their goals; often this means gaining information and understanding. I want students to grow their background knowledge to be able to train effectively outside of teaching hours.
  • Self training - Handbalancing and flexibility are practices which require finely-tuned body awareness. This includes skills like balance and proprioception (awareness of where the body is in space). In every class, I challenge students' body awareness through co-ordination exercises and drills to challenge balance


For one-to-one coaching or to hire me to teach at your venue, please contact me directly

  • Brighton, England, United Kingdom